We have partnerships with two different facilities that we run our indoor training through. We are always evaluating the option to operate our own facility but have elected to defer this while the current Covid pandemic is ongoing. These partnerships also allow us to keep player fees down.
Our fees are listed on our website and vary based on age category. The program fees are designed using a cost recovery business model. Programs fees include costs incurred for coaching compensation, umpires, games and practices, field rentals, jerseys, baseball swag, etc. There is no additional cash call. The Redbirds always aim to keep our player fees as low as possible while continuing to provide a strong on-field product.
Our teams are currently slated to play in Baseball Alberta for the 2021 season. Teams will typically play in a number of tournaments throughout the season. These depend on the Baseball Alberta schedule and may be home or away tournaments.
Our home diamond for U15, U18 and U21 age groups will be The Nest at Gladmere. Our U13 and 11U age groups location is under evaluation.
Our fees cover March through August for baseball. Typically, each team starts with spring training events in March so that we can develop and be ready to play games come late April and/or early May.
Yes, the Redbirds offer year round training. In addition to the Spring/Summer season we also offer Fall Ball and Winter Camps as separate programs for reasonable cost. Fall Ball starts in September and typically runs six weeks or longer depending on the weather. Winter Camps typically run in two blocks (Nov-Dec and Jan-Feb). The reason we have separate programs throughout is we know many players have other commitments outside of baseball, whether that be other sports, school, etc. The Redbirds encourage players to be multi-sport student athletes. We always want to ensure that we don’t take away from a players opportunities and we believe that diversity in activities can be just as valuable in improving overall baseball skill.


  • The Bird Cage: 401, 33 St NE, Calgary AB
  • The Nest: 3205 28 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0R8

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