Redbirds ID Camps - COVID Update

November 24th, 2020

Good Afternoon Redbirds and Families,

With the announcements today by the Alberta Government regarding further COVID 19 Restrictions, we are forced to cancel the remaining sessions of our camps and training sessions through December. 

These unfortunate but necessary restrictions run directly through the balance of all of our camps in December as well as forcing us to cancel our upcoming ID Camps for all age groups.

We will continue to work with families to either (a) pro-rate the camps and provide refunds OR (b) carry forward a credit on your behalf for Jan/Feb camps being announced shortly.  

Please feel free to reach out to our Treasurer "James Dunn" to make arrangements based on what fits best for you and your family. 


We would like to also recognize that recruitment for our 2021 Teams is important to you and your player(s), and we would like to start getting players primed for in-person try-outs (in some form) in the future, Covid dependant of course.

We believe it is important to continue to build and plan for a Spring full of Baseball as safely as possible.  

Understanding the current climate due to Covid, we would like to work with player prospects for our program by hosting "Virtual Interviews" with Players (and Parents), via Google Meet or by Phone, to understand the following:

  • Team Placement (Team you are interested in?)

  • Player History (Where you played, Why are you entertaining leaving?)

  • Player Goals (Personal Aspirations in Baseball, Positions, College, etc.)

  • Type of Player (How would you define yourself as a player?)

  • Cross Sports (What other sports are you involved in)

  • Answer any questions you may have about the Redbirds

  • Answer any questions regarding the 2021 season

  • Schedule in-person benchmarking (Covid Dependant)

We care about our players and would love to get to know you better prior to the actual try-outs.

Mental Strength in baseball is even more critical than physical strength, and building an understanding of the player, how they interact, and how they think, is a critical part of the game. Our goal is to always develop both.

Schedule your meeting with one of our Technical Directors to get on our prospects list.  

Our Technical Directors can be reached as follows to schedule an appointment.

Sean Bahry (21U/18U) -

Greg Wolf (15U/13U/11U) -

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these ever-changing challenges in 2020 and look forward to discussing your player,s future in 2021.

Kind Regards,


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